Two faces of Tammy Baldwin

U.S. Attorney John W. Vaudreuil, Rock County Circuit Judge Michael R. Fitzpatrick and Madison attorney James D. Peterson have been recommended as candidates for an open seat on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.U.S. Senators Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin announced the recommendations Thursday.This shows Tammy Balwin is a ALEC supporter. John Vaudreuil is not only a ALEC kingpin he is the US attorney who refused to prosecute his friend Scott Walker. Everyone knows it was because they are ALEC brothers in arms.Tammy must need the money from ALEC the ANTI American legislative exchange commission. These are Scott Walkers puppet masters and now Tammy Baldwins. Tammy is now a ALEC brother in arms.

Wisconsin legislature Peter Barca has a staff member robert jambois who is also a ALEC kingpin like Tammy Baldwin. Barca knows this and does nothing. This makes Barca a ALEC supporter just like Baldwin. This makes them FAKE DEMOCRATS harming us all. In public they say one thing and do another. Ask Barca about Jambois being advanced because as a Kenosha district attorney he had great conviction rates. Anyone can extort the poor , our children and other easy prey under the cover of the law. He helped Walker fill ALEC`s prisons and jails for the money.  jambois was required by law to attend many ALEC (Prison corpoartions of America ) meetings when they prisoned hundreds of jambois victims all over America. This was a clear violation of the state constitution and his victims were returned to Wisconsin a few years later. All along everyone in vovled knew this was a clear violation of the state constitution. just like the Voucher system. the constitution says NO SECTARIAN schools.  Guilty until proven innocent all in it for the money knowing better as Eric Holder has explained. Anything else is Jambois lying. He also had double standards like all ALEC members. When DOZENS of women and young girls complained about  local constable Bob Hass sexually harming women in traffic stops . jambois joked about it. He had complaints weekly for decades. His protection of Hass made hass attack more and more women. jambois like all gang members protectd the brotherhood at all cost. This allowed hass to sexual abuse hundreds of women over the next decade. The criminals are running around with badges and they are as we all know above all law. Ask jambois about his protected the officer in the Bell Case. The family had to go to civil court and got millions . All because jambois protection rackett protected the killer cop.


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